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Past Projects

2018-2019 Projects:
The Foundation donated $20,012 to the school to fund initiatives in training, technology and classroom tools. Initiatives funded included full day training seminar and materials for the entire EHS faculty & staff on topic of Blended Learning. The seminar was presented by the International Center for Leadership in Education. Additionally, several EHS teachers & department heads were funded to attend cutting edge curriculum and AP training seminars. Finally, 21 Chromebooks and a tablet charging cart were funded during the school year.

2017-2018 Projects:
The Foundation donated $46,500 to the school for some exciting purchases. $35,723 was used for 31 Desktops for Digital Media Lab - current devices to trickle down; $9,668 for 30 Chromebooks Touchscreen/Flip, 500 e model with dual camera and stylus for Integrated Sciences and $1,055 for 1 new chromebook station cart.

2016-2017 Projects:
The Foundation worked with the Evergreen High School Administration and Staff and donated approximately $20,000 to the school of which $15,000 went for the new video/display board in gym and another $4,390 for training teachers.

2015-2016 Projects:
We raised about $51,000 to start an endowment. The endowment is going to benefit the Foundation and high school community for years to come. A great outcome of the endowment is that the money is going to be managed by students in the school (with oversight from a professional).

We also raised approximately $36,000 to fund $21,000 for new textbooks for the high school and $15,000 for the new projector in the gym.

2014-2015 Projects:
Last year, we raised approximately $47,000. The Foundation worked with school administration and staff to determine the most pressing needs of the school community and donated $46,600 to Evergreen High School. $35,000 was used to purchase 30 Dell Optiplex 7020 computers. These computers are going into the GA Lab. The computers in the GA lab will go into the Bhall Lab. In addition, $11,600 went to purchase 30 new workstations for the LMC lab.

2013–2014 Projects:
Thank you for supporting the Evergreen High School Education Foundation, which raised more than $41,000 this term due to your generous contributions. Our foundation was able to help keep Evergreen High School on the forefront of education and technology. We worked with school administration and staff to determine the most pressing needs of the school community. As a result, the school purchased 90 Chromebook computers and three carts ($24,000), 15 Dell™ laptop computers ($10,000), eight desktop computers ($6,000), and started paying for the technology of the press box project ($1,000).

2012–2013 Projects:
We raised a total of $55,000! The Special Education Department received 34 iPads™, 34 iPad cases, an iPad cart and software applications at a cost of $27,000. We also purchased 90 Chromebook™ computers and two carts, at a total cost of $28,000, for all teachers to check out on an as-needed basis.

2011–2012 Projects:
The Evergreen High School Education Foundation presented the school with $52,000. The school completed the SmartBoard installation project with the proceeds. Four years ago the school installed its first SmartBoard and now students are rocking and rolling with the latest iPad™ technology. Your donations helped us continue putting Evergreen High School on the forefront of education technology by providing iPads for two test classrooms, along with a set for teachers to advance their skills.

Contact our high school nonprofit in Evergreen, Colorado, for further details about any of our previous projects.